How to Podcast

Although most people know what a podcast is, not many people ultimately have the knowledge to create their own podcast.  There are many different ways that you can create your own, personal podcast and this week in Journalism 2.0, we learned how to do just this.



When creating a podcast there, there are multiple ways to do this. If you desire to create a podcast that seems rather professional, there is a high-tech type of software that you could download for Windows or Mac. It is called Audacity and it is a great way to create clear and coherent podcasts while being able to edit them easily.  Other options to create a podcast include using the well-known, SoundCloud.  Many people know SoundCloud as a source to listen to music and/or download music but it is awesome that this website and tool could be used to create your own podcast either using a smartphone or your computer.  When creating my own personal podcast, I used the SoundCloud app on my iPhone because it is was easy and convenient to use and ultimately ended up sounding great! I would definitely recommend using this app or even the website on your computer when creating a podcast because it is a great option. Other options on top of Audacity and SoundCloud include YouTube, Blip.TV, and Ivoox which are all other websites that podcasts can be uploaded on but many of them are mainly used for video content.




After uploading a podcast, you must then distribute it so that others can view the content that you have created.  This can be done through services including Blip.TV, Podomatic, and Feedburner which is through Google. It is important to distribute your podcast so that others can see it and hear what you personally have to say about any given topic.




Although podcasts are pretty well known, especially in the Internet world, not many people know how to create one. It is an awesome thing to know how to create as it is a form of blogging that is just simply more personalized.  Additionally, podcasts can be syndicated making it different from any other audio file and especially different than a simple video uploaded to a website.

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