Podcasting: Yet Another Way to Inform

This week in Journalism 2.0, we began to learn about podcasting.  Podcasting is a new, generally speaking, type of phenomenon that has been used by people in recent years.  The earliest references to podcasting only began in 2004 which is just a short, ten years ago. Podcasting can be seen as a type of blogging but instead of being written, it is a type of audio in which you hear a speaker’s voice.  I believe that this method of communication and informing is extremely efficient as the listeners are enabled to hear the speaker’s voice and ultimately personality,  and it is also more personal than just reading a blogger’s post on the web.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 3.46.56 PM

Additional benefits to podcasting are as follows: you can listen to those shows when you want, where you want and as you want since they are portable and can be listened to on basically any electronic device. Although many people may believe that a podcast is simply just audio, since this is the way that the podcast started out, there are now video podcasts. These are podcasts in which you can even see the speaker, making it even more personalized as you can see everything including the speaker’s facial expressions, making it seem as if you are there with the podcaster.



I was really interested to learn about this topic because I have never listened to a podcast and ultimately, I do not know much about podcasting. PodcastI was always aware that it was used for various purposes such as to inform and for people to follow some of their favorite celebrities or podcasters, but I was never aware of the true extent. I am intrigued to create my own podcast next week and I hope that you are all excited to hear what I have to say. Below, view what a podcast truly is without all of the sugarcoating.




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