St. Patrick’s Day Madness

My friends who were abroad in previous years told me that Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day is all the hype.  Due to this, my friends and I planned our trip to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day weekend all the way back in November…(yes this might seem a bit crazy but flights were getting expensive and hotels were definitely booking up)!

On Thursday morning, we arrived in Dublin, Ireland and naturally, we went straight to the Temple Bar area.  Temple Bar is an area that has tons of pubs, restaurants and shops and is comparable to a college town type of place in the United States. We went to a bar called “The Temple Bar” that had live irish music and being here enabled me to catch up with old friends who I had not seen in a long time.  After this, myself along with three of my friends went off to dinner at The Morgan Hotel in the Temple Bar area.  Here, we all indulged in amazing hummus with tortilla chips, potato and pea soup and salmon along with fancy drinks such as Cosmopolitans.  This was a nice dinner and there was definitely no Irish food in site.


Friday morning, we were up early as a friend of ours organized a private, daylong tour to the countryside of Ireland.  bridge-in-wicklow-from-ps-i-love-you-photo_1722432-770tallOn this 8-hour tour I saw some beautiful landscapes, a monastery, “the Guinness River”, went on the windiest hill that I almost blew over and most importantly, saw where the movie Braveheart was filmed and also the bridge from the movie P.S., I Love You. This was such a nice tour but of course was extremely tiring and a bit too long. We went through Wild Wicklow Tours and I would recommend going through this tour group if ever in Dublin.  I would say that the highlight of my trip was going on the top of the cliff and almost blowing over as the winds were likely almost 75 miles per hour…EVEN THE BUS WAS ROCKING BACK AND FORTH!


On Saturday, it was time for our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. This day was filled with a lot of pubs and Guinness. and the day was ended at the number one recommended restaurant in Dublin, Elephant and Castle.  Elephant and Castle is a small restaurant that is also in New York City that is famous for its burgers and chicken wings but also has other options such as omelets and salads.  I am not sure what all the hype is about for Elephant and Castle but the food was decent.  The restaurant is so ridiculously recommended that the host typically says that there is a wait for 2 and a half hours for a table.  Of course though, my friends and I were pretty sly and got seated within 20 minutes :). The pubs were so much fun as there was tons of live music playing throughout them and it was great to dance, sing and be reunited with  my friends all while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in none other than Ireland.

I cannot believe that this weekend already came and went.  The fact that I booked this trip months and months ago and it is over is insane and just goes to show how quickly my abroad experience is going.  There are only a few places left on my journey around the world.  Check back next week for my next stop, Paris!

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