Make Your Mark with Marketing

Post-midterm, we learned our first topic in Journalism 2.0. This was a topic that intrigues me as I strive to work in Marketing in the future. Marketing is extremely important in various industries throughout the world.  If you have good marketing for a product, then this could lead to various benefits for a company such as profits, brand loyalty or even the most basic, brand awareness.  All of these things lead to a better knowledge about a company due to exposure.


Due to the vast popularity of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and of course my favorite, Instagram, companies have begun to use these outlets in order to market products, people and brands.  Additionally, companies and even large corporations have begun to create their own blogs to promote their product and brand.  These corporate blogs are a great way for corporations to be more personable and to reach out to customers and gain more loyalty.  This makes the corporations not seem intimidating and honestly like an ordinary person.

I found it to be particularly interesting that experts used to say that an advertising campaign through TV or radio is effective when they reach only 2% of their audience.  This seems to be shocking to me as 2% is such a small percentage of a population to reach. I would think this statistic would be more like 50% so that brands can reach more target customers.  Nowadays, a target audience is reached through various social media outlets and even through viral marketing such as posting a video.

As you can see above, a woman even quit her job through a video. This video went completely viral and the company used this video to their advantage in order to attract new people to interview and ultimately hire for spots in their company. These new outlets have expanded the marketing world and helps to advance a product or brand’s image. These tools are extremely important nowadays whereas they may not have been years ago.  Even corporations as large as Starbucks may have a corporate blog in order to attract consumers and promote their image to people around the world.  This helps the corporation to seem personable as they are just a blogger like an average person could potentially be.

As evident from the use of social media forms in marketing, social media has ultimately taken over in terms of dominating various fields.  The fact that social media is used in everything down to even marketing for major corporations such as Starbucks, Sony and Walmart just goes to show the power that they have and how many people are reached through the use of social networks.


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