Carnval in Sitges

Some midweek fun was in order in Sitges, Spain which is about 45 minutes from Barcelona. There is a fun, festival-type of event that occurs each year in Sitges which resembles Mardi Gras called Carnaval. Sitges is on the outskirts of Barcelona and it is a beach town.  This was so nice to be on the beach at nighttime while hearing the ocean and enjoying myself while wearing a costume with my friends.  For these fun festivities, I decided to be a flapper, nice and simple and did not require a lot of effort.  On the other hand, other people dressed up wildly in exquisite masks and head to toe costumes. It was safe to say that I would have fit in better with the crowd if I got a little bit more into my costume.

Once arriving in Sitges after a 45 minute bus ride, we were off to do as we pleased for the next few hours! There was an insane parade that was going on all over the streets with exquisite floats and loud music coming out of them. Each float had a different theme and costumes.  Some of the best floats included one of gladiators and a centerpiece of the Colosseum.  Additionally, there was one of Michael Jackson and there was an impersonator of him who did his dances down to a T.


There were also a lot of restaurants up and down the street and people were sitting outside and watching the parade go by while enjoying a delicious meal on the beach! This place was definitely a site to see and I am so glad that I took time out of a busy Tuesday evening in order to enjoy these festivities and see yet another city in Spain.  If you have the chance to, Carnaval in Sitges is the place to be just make sure that you blend in with the crowd and dress in a costume and of course, enjoy all that the city has to offer on this crazy night!

9 carnival sitges cataluyna espana

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