Digital Storytelling: A New Way to Inform

This week we learned about the last topic for our midterm in Journalism 2.0, digital storytelling. Digital storytelling involves multimedia stories. These multimedia stories include text, pictures, videos and interactivity all together on a website. People may believe that there are many multimedia stories out there on news outlets’ websites but ultimately, just because some websites include this does not mean that they are digital storytelling sites. For example, an article posted by the New York Times or CNN that has some multimedia aspects definitely does not serve as a form of digital storytelling although one may believe that it does due to the elements that it encompasses. This is due to the fact that there are likely no firsthand interviews or as many multimedia aspects as digital storytelling typically entails.

A major advantage of a multimedia story is that viewers can give feedback to the author. This is different from a typical story as feedback is instantaneous as opposed to a written news story where feedback is not instantaneous. Additionally, multimedia stories or digital storytelling includes interviews and firsthand accounts from people. This provides evidence for what the author is attempting to prove through his or her multimedia story through video footage and images.

Learning about this topic was extremely interesting because in just a few short weeks, we will each have to write our own multimedia story for our blog. This has made me debate possibly what topic I want to cover for this. After much consideration, I think that I may want to create a multimedia or digital story about La Boqueria. In this, I will interview someone who sells produce or various other products at this famous market. I honestly find this place to be so intriguing and interesting to begin with so creating a report on this seems as if it will be rather enjoyable. I am also a regular at La Boqueria as I frequently buy fish, fruits and vegetables at the market so acquiring the necessary means for the report should be rather easy!

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