Privacy: Who Is Safe and Who Is Not?

In today’s day and age where social networking is the main form of communication for many people, people have various social networking accounts.  Of course the most popular ones can be seen as Facebook and Twitter, but do you realize how much information you are ultimately selling to these websites and how much they know about you?  This week in Journalism 2.0, we learned about the privacy and safety issues on social networking sites, specifically Facebook, and about the new up and coming social networks that have been created for people to use that do not sell your information and jeopardize your privacy.


I, myself, am an avid Facebook user yet I have never been aware of just how much information the website has on me and my personal life up until this week.  Did you know that Facebook ultimately can use your information and is an owner of all the information that you post on Facebook, write in personal messages and the pictures that you add?  Neither did I. This is such a turn-off to me about Facebook and it leads me to want to join new social networking sites in order to combat this fight against privacy.

As of recently, many social networking sites have appeared that have a main point of telling its users that they will never use, sell or distribute their information. This is definitely a great selling point for those who are aware of how other social networking sites such as Facebook use the information of their users.  For example, Google+ makes a point of doing this and is a social networking site that works similarly to Facebook yet allows you to create “circles” where you can place friends, co-workers, family, etc. into separate categories and only share certain information with each. This seems like a great feature as I am sure that we all have various “friends” on Facebook that we feel like we cannot delete, yet we do not want them to see all of the information that we post or distribute.

Joining a new social networking website and slipping away from the bubble, called Facebook, that sells your information and can use it at your disadvantage, is likely a good idea. There are honestly way more benefits than drawbacks to joining a different social networking website and stopping the use of Facebook. There are so many options nowadays including Google+, Quora and Diaspora, which are all much safer and better options than Facebook.  When in doubt, think twice about what you are posting on Facebook and how this honestly could be used to your disadvantage.

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