Czeching Out Prague

After a great weekend in my home for these next few months, Barcelona, it was time to start back up again on my adventures across Europe.  Although my friends had just arrived in Prague, where they will be studying abroad, I went to visit them.  It was fun to be there in Prague, which is in the Czech Republic, just as they were getting there because we were able to discover everything together.  When first arriving in Prague for the weekend, I would say that I definitely experienced more culture shock than I did when I arrived in Barcelona.  The Czech language is so difficult to understand and the city is extremely old and not modernized, different from Barcelona.

Naturally, we immediately went to the John Lennon Wall.  I expected this colorful, graffiti-filled wall to be extremely large and spread along a lot of the city.  Much to my surprise, this wall was very small BUT more importantly, the art on the wall was intriguing, colorful and entertaining to look at for a half hour or so.  Of course, we took tons of pictures of the wall here because the backdrop was superb!

After this, we walked right over to the notorious Charles River Bridge because it is very close to the Lennon Wall.  Walking across the Charles River Bridge was enjoyable as there are various people selling photographs, paintings, and jewelry on the bridge.  In addition to this, there are various statues and of course, a gorgeous view of the river and a lot of the city, as well.  After an exciting day filled with touristy activities, we went out to a club to see what the nightlife in Prague was all about.  Let me just say that the nightlife there does not compare to the nightlife here in Barcelona, but honestly…nowhere compares to here! We went to a club called Lucerna, where they played 90s music, and I was able to see a lot of my friends from the United States who I went to high school with and also some college friends.

Our last day in Prague was obviously filled with what else besides more touristy activities!  As I have in each city that I have visited thus far, I tasted the delicacies of Prague.  I tried hot wine which is basically just a warm red wine, this type of pastry filled with cinnamon and sugar, turkey schnitzel which basically tastes like a chicken finger, and also some fried cheese. All of these things were really good, although they were not something that I would want to eat every day.  After czeching out these interesting Czech delicacies, we embarked on a convertible tour around the city.  During this tour we were able to see a castle, the Jewish Quarter and also Old Town Square. Although it was rather cold in Prague, the driver gave us blankets and the floor was heated so we were not chilly at all!


Finally, it was time for me to go home, back to Barcelona. Czeching out Prague was definitely a success and it was great to spend time with my friends who I have not seen in a few months! My one suggestion to those who are thinking of visiting Prague around this time of year is to park warmly! Also, be aware of the money. They use “crowns” and 1 USD=20 crowns. The US dollar is ultimately strong in Prague but it is difficult to figure out just how much you are spending. CZECHING OUT PRAGUE IS DEFINITELY A MUST IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS STUDYING THERE AND REMEMBER, NEVER STOP EXPLORING.


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