There’s No Place Like Home

As most people could imagine, traveling for two weekends straight is pretty exhausting. Due to this, I decided to stay in Barcelona for the weekend and ultimately explore my own home for the next four months. This was not the only perk as I was also able to sleep (sleep is hard to come by in this city).  Additionally, I was able to try various restaurants that I have not yet had the chance to.

To start off the weekend, I wanted to see what all the hype was about at the restaurant called Brunch and Cake. Every person I know basically has been talking about the restaurant and how good they think it is.  This place definitely lived up to the hype (SPOILER ALERT: I went back the next day). I tried the eggs with turkey, feta cheese and avocado which was great! If you like all of these things, I definitely recommend ordering this because if you are in Barcelona, this place is a must-try! After having a fabulous brunch, I made my way towards Passeig de Gracia to shop. Shopping is my favorite pastime and the stores on this street did not disappoint. Ikibana SushiFor example there is a store called Sandro on a side street of Passeig de Gracia that had amazing clothing. I would honestly have bought every single thing in the store if I could have. I ended off the day by having a late dinner at Ikibana with friends and enjoying some great sushi (which is another favorite of mine).  I enjoyed some sangria, a great roll with tuna, avocado and asparagus, and another that included kani.  This day was definitely one that was filled with favorites for me!

The next day, we returned to Brunch and Cake but I ordered something different. I ordered a Quinoa Salad that had roasted vegetables and amazing hummus. After this, we were off to Casa Batllo on Passeig de Gracia, which is one of Gaudi’s famous works in Barcelona. This house is absolutely gorgeous, so colorful and definitely something that you must see when visiting Barcelona. Casa BatlloYou should also be sure to purchase a ticket and explore the inside of the house if you have time, as well. After this, we just enjoyed the sun and weather and walked around a bit.  My roommate and I ended the day with quite the experience at a conveyor belt Asian/sushi restaurant. This place was such a crazy experience as it was all you can eat for only 14.50 euros (what a deal!). It was called Dao Kaitensushi and it is right near the port of Barcelona.  Here, my roommate and I enjoyed various dishes such as seaweed salad, peking duck, salmon sashimi, chicken satay, lobster claws and lychee for dessert. If you are an adventurous eater like myself then definitely go to this place. It will not be a disappointment and you will have a great experience to tell others about.

Dao Kaitensushi


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