Abroad in Europe: Weekend Number Two of Travels

Since I had such a successful weekend traveling in Amsterdam, I felt that I needed to travel somewhere else once again the following weekend.  Immediately after landing back in Barcelona, my roommates and I started to brainstorm where we should go next.  After asking some of our other friends where they would be traveling to, we decided on London. Since I had already been to London in the past, I was not too excited but as the weekend started to creep closer, I became ecstatic about my upcoming travels.

We arrived in London on Friday morning after a very early morning flight.  Note to self: don’t take a 7AM flight again, way too early if you ask me!  Since the flights to Heathrow Airport were a bit pricey, we flew into Gatwick which was over an hour away from the center of the city.  It was fine that we did this due to the fact that we arrived extremely early in London.  Once we arrived in London, we immediately went to the apartment of a friend.  I was really glad to be staying with friends because not only did I save money but it was also much more fun than staying in a hotel! After dropping off our stuff, we went to the famous Covent Gardens that is filled with shops, restaurants and crazy street performers. It was such a cool and cultural experience that I definitely recommend for any London traveler.

Photo Booth

After this, we immediately went on a Bus Tour. We felt like such tourists but it was a great way to see the entire city.  I was fortunate enough to see Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the London Bridge.  It was a great way to take pictures of the awesome city and believe me, I ultimately was able to take the perfect Instagram (if you couldn’t tell…yes, I love Instagram).  Later in the day, we went to Abbey Road.  For those of you who don’t know what Abbey Road is, it is a place that was iconic during the 1950s-1970s and made famous by The Beatles, as not only did they take an iconic photo there in a specific pose but they also recorded there at Abbey Road Studios, along with many other famous artists of that time period.  Obviously, we took a photo resembling the pose of The Beatles which can be seen below.

Abbey Road

On day number two in London, we started off at the changing of the guards ceremony at Buckingham Palace.  Although I had already seen this ceremony take place on my previous trip to London, it was a must-see for my friends who had not been to London before! It is a really cool part of London’s culture that I recommend for everyone to see if they have the opportunity to when in London.  After this, we immediately went to Harrod’s.  For anyone who does not know what Harrod’s is, it is the most famous department store in London.  It was amazing to see the high fashion and haute couture clothing that is there but the best part about Harrod’s, I thought, was the food halls. Here they have every food that you could ever imagine including sushi, different types of salads and even your typical type of grocery store items.  Here my friends and I each got little salads to try and I can say that I was not disappointed. If you go to London, this is a must see!! Definitely make time for this amazing place as you will likely not see anything like this ever again in your life.

Changing of the Guards

Although I may not have been super excited about going to London when I first planned my trip, I was really happy when leaving and felt that my trip was a success! It was also a nice break to be around people who dominantly speak English as my Spanish is a little iffy.  But, I was glad to get back to Barcelona and away from the frequent rain in London.  When studying abroad in Europe, try to check out London if you can! It’s a great city that is a nicer and cleaner version of New York City. Believe me, you will not be disappointed but beware of how expensive the pound is in relation to the euro. It makes many things very expensive in London!

The London Eye

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