To Blog or Not to Blog…

In Journalism 2.0, we have been discussing the Internet and the web in general, along with blogging.  Who knew that there is a difference between the Internet and the web? I certainly did not know that until I started taking Journalism 2.0! For my first post that is relevant to class, I decided to begin discussing blogging since I am a new blogger myself.  Learning about blogging in class has been extremely interesting as I have learned not only about blogs in general but most importantly, how to create my own blog through and otherwise customize it. Clearly the creation of my own blog has been a success as you can see that I have already published one post about my travels and this one about class.

In the digital age that we live in, blogs are beginning to dominate and have ultimately replaced the fad of having a ¨personal website¨. To me, blogs are not only more relevant nowadays, as we have learned, but they are a much better source than a personal website, as they give the writer the ability to have creative expression and frequently update their blog with new and interesting information. A blog can be seen as a public diary in modern times, differing from the old-fashioned notebook method that was private and used by many prior to the digital age. The various tools that can be used on the blog are intriguing, as well. For example, great tools to use on a blog, as learned in class, include the blogroll, sidebar, and permalinks.  On my blog, I intend to include a blogroll that will appear on my sidebar. On here, I will include blogs that are the most interesting to me and that I am an avid follower of. Additionally, the blogger can include links to their social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so that their followers can follow them in places beyond their blog.

Using the website is a great way to create a new blog as it is both easy to manage and enables the creator of the blog to make a coherent and organized blog, with the choice of what theme to use for it.  The dashboard where one edits their blog is easy to use and even to figure out by yourself if you have no one to guide you.  I definitely recommend using this website to create a new and organized blog for someone that is new to the ¨blogosphere¨. It is also a great website to use and access on the go, while traveling or simply sitting at home and blogging away.

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